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For years, the marine industry has recognized that the corrosion protection of docks, ships, seawalls and other marine structures can be an expensive maintenance issue if not addressed correctly. There are many products on the market for the protection of splash zones. Because the splash zone, which is usually defined as approximately eight to ten feet above and below the mean water level, has some unique and harsh requirements, standard paints do not last very long.

Because of the impact of ships and vessels and the corrosion caused by salt or fresh water and the constant wetting and drying, standard thin mil and high build paints simply do not last. To overcome these harsh conditions manufacturers developed epoxy claddings, which integrate various sizes of aggregate and fillers, which allow some degree of movement without cracking, produce a barrier, which is both impact resistant and impermeable. The resulting cladding can absorb impact without cracking and will withstand the constant wetting and drying. Claddings have now successfully been used for many years providing long-term corrosion protection at a minimal cost when amortized over the life of the cladding.

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