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 Chemical Proofing

 Polymer Concretes

 Acid Proof Gunites

 Environmental Coatings


Tank Linings:

Ancillary Products:

Primer 70 - Polyvinyl Butyral Wash Primer.

Primer 75 - Moisture Tolerant Epoxy Primer.

Primer 75-OTP - Oil Tolerant Epoxy Primer.

Primer 205 - High Elongation Vinyl Ester Primer.

Membrane 67 - Urethane Asphalt Membrane.

Membrane 68 - High Temperature Asphalt Membrane.

Membrane 72 - Trowelable Urethane Membrane.

Membrane 74 – Waterproofing & Anti-Fracture Membrane.

Membrane 510 - Solvent Resistant Sheet Membrane.

Sealant 50 - Urethane Asphalt Sealant.

Sealant 55 - Flexible Epoxy Sealant.

Sealant 56 - Polysulfide Sealant.

Sealant 78 - Hydrophobic Polyurethane Injection Grout.

922 – Latex Fortified Binder.

925 – Emulsified Epoxy Concrete/Mortar.


Chemical Proofing:

Duragrout – Epoxy Machinery Grout.

Duragrout FS – Fast Setting Machinery Grout.

Duragrout HF – High Flow Epoxy Machinery Grout.

CP-95 HF – High Flow Novolac Epoxy Machinery Grout.

CP-2 – Silicate Brick Mortar.

CP-5 – Potassium Silicate Brick Mortar.

CP-8 – High Temperature Potassium Silicate Mortar.

CP-11M – Single Component Silicate Mortar.

CP-11M/HAR – Halogen Free Modified Silicate Mortar.

CP-25 – Furan Mortar.

CP-25C – Carbon Filled Furan Mortar.

CP-25CG – Carbon Filled Furan Grout.

CP-36 – Epoxy Setting Bed.

CP-38 – Water Washable Epoxy Grout.

CP-39 – Two Component Water Washable Epoxy Grout.

CP-82C – Carbon Filled Phenolic Mortar.

CP-83MP – Multi-Purpose Epoxy Mortar/Putty.

CP-96 – Novolac Epoxy Mortar/Setting Bed.

CP-98- Water Washable Novolac Epoxy Grout.

CP-99 – Two Component Novolac Epoxy Grout.

CP-100 – Vinyl Ester Mortar.

CP-100C – Carbon Filled Vinyl Ester Mortar.

CP-101 – Vinyl Ester Tile Mortar.

CP-110 HB – High Bond Vinyl Ester Mortar


Thermcrete CP-700 – Polyurethane Concrete Surfacer.

Chemical Drainage


Polymer Concretes

CP-24CC – Potassium Silicate Concrete.

CP-35 – Furan Polymer Concrete.

CP-85CC -Epoxy Polymer Concrete.

CP-95 – Novolac Epoxy Polymer Concrete.

CP-300 – Non-Shrink Vinyl Ester Polymer Concrete.


Acid Proof Gunites

CP-14G – Modified Calcium Aluminate Gunite.

CP-24G – Potassium Silicate Gunite.


Environmental Coatings:

EC-66 – Flexible Epoxy Coating and Lining Systems.

EC-80 – Epoxy Coating and Lining Systems.

EC-90 – Novolac Epoxy Coating and Lining Systems.

EC-200 – Vinyl Ester Coating and Lining Systems.

EC-56LV – High Performance Polysulfide Coating.

EC-R540 – Underwater Epoxy Resin System.

EC-R590 – Multi-Purpose Epoxy Resin System.

EC-1000 - Solvent Free High Performance Epoxy Coating.

EC-2000 – Fluoroelastomer Coating.

EC-7268 – Asphalt Modified, Reinforced, Urethane Lining System.

EC-8601 – Clear Epoxy Resin System.

EC-8602 – Pigmented Epoxy Resin System.


Tank Linings:

TL-40-S – High Build Epoxy Coating and Lining.

TL-45-S – High Build Novolac Epoxy Coating and Lining.

TL-81 – Fast Curing High Build Epoxy Coating and Lining.

TL-91 – Fast Curing High Build Novolac Epoxy Coating and Lining.

TL-220-S – Sprayable Flake Filled Vinyl Ester Lining.

TL-220 – Flake Glass Vinyl Ester Trowelable Lining.

TL-250 – Flake Glass Vinyl Ester Lining Trowel/Spray.

TL-280 – Flake Glass Vinyl Ester Sprayable Lining.

TL-400 – Glass Mat Reinforced Vinyl Ester Lining.

TL-405 – Glass Fabric Reinforced Vinyl Ester Lining.

TL-420 – Glass Mat Reinforced Furan Lining.

TL-480 – Glass Mat Reinforced Epoxy Lining.

TL-485 – Glass Fabric Reinforced Epoxy Lining.

TL-490 – Glass Mat Reinforced Novolac Epoxy Lining.

TL-495 – Glass Fabric Reinforced Novolac Epoxy Lining.

TL-1255 – FDA Epoxy Tank Lining.


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