Industries Served

Carboline offers a comprehensive line of coatings and fireproofing materials





Acrylics are our water borne primers and finishes for general service use. These finishes have excellent weathering properties.




Alkyds are oil based primers and finishes for general service use. They have excellent wetting properties for maintenance and quick dry times for shop applications.





Coal-Tars are coal tar based coatings exhibiting excellent water resistance for immersion and below grade conditions.

Epoxy Mastics(Carbomastic)

Epoxy Mastics are surface tolerant epoxies with excellent wetting properties for minimally prepared steel.




The Epoxies are a complete line of multi-functional epoxy primers and finishes for a variety of applications.


Chemically resistant epoxies


Chemically resistant epoxies are a line of high chemical resistant modified
epoxies whose applications range from acid to caustic, to high temperatures,
to a wide range of solvent exposures.

High Temperature



The High Temperature coatings are a range of heat resistant primers and finishes for continuous exposure from ambient to 1200 degrees.



Polyester / Polyurea are a thick film, fast setting, self priming, polyester
or polyurea cladding materials with a variety of chemical resistance and
application characteristics.




Polyurethanes are a series of weatherable polyurethane coatings and clear
coats characterized by their color and gloss retention.

Zinc-Rich Primer


The Zinc-rich Primers are a complete line of organic and inorganic zinc primers for outstanding corrosion protection of steel substrates.

Cementitious Fireproofing


(Pyrocrete, Pyrolite)

Pyrolite is a gypsum based fireproofing which has excellent physical properties for interior/ Architectural uses.


Pyrocrete is a Portland based cement based fireproofing which is UL exterior rated without a topcoat do to its excellent physicals.

Intumescent Fireproofing



This solvent based, single component thin coating is applied by normal airless spray to give up to 2 hours fire protection on all types of steel sections. ULI listed and Suitable for internal and external steelwork.


Coatings that feature outstanding weathering resistant characteristics that place them in the ultra-weatherable class. Extreme color and gloss retentive



Thinners and Additives

A listing of Carboline thinners and additives used for the application of
Carboline coatings. Material Safety Data Sheets only.


Floor Systems


A variety of light to moderate duty service flooring products that seal, protect and beautify concrete floors.

Secondary Containment



A wide variety of high performance, chemically resistant products from light
to extreme heavy duty applications for concrete protection in abusive



A variety of special needs products.


Tank Linings


A comprehensive line of heavy duty, chemically resistant tank linings for a
wide variety of services.

Tape Systems



Petrolatum-based tape wraps and support products for the protection of
pipes, fittings, flanges and associated parts.



Wall Systems


Tile-like coatings for the protection and beautification of walls for a
variety of applications from light to heavy duty service.

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