Industries Served

Prime Resins, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane grouts and
epoxies used for infrastructure repair and restoration


Prime-Flex polyurethane grout products are used to stop leaks and fill underground voids. Some grouts cure to a rigid or flexible foam, while others to a flexible gel. Hydrophilic grouts are used to stop leaks through cracks and joints in underground structures, while Hydrophobic grouts are typically used to fill voids and stabilize soils.

Prime Rez

Structural cracks are repaired by filling the cracks with a high strength epoxy injection resin that bonds fractured concrete back together. The most appropriate injection resin is determined by the width of the crack and its location. Lower viscosity injection resins are best for filling narrow cracks—higher viscosity injection resins are better for filling wide cracks. Vertical or overhead cracks usually require sealing the surface with an epoxy gel to insure that the resin doesn’t run out before it cures. Some cracks in horizontal surfaces can be filled by gravity feeding epoxy into the cracks.

Prime Bond

Epoxy bonding agents have a variety of uses. They help bond new concrete to old and can be a sealer for concrete floors. When mixed with sand, they make a great patching mortar or machinery base plate grout. The Base Plate Grout Kit comes complete with a slow setting bonding epoxy and aggregate that can be blended to a mortar for filling large voids and grouting base plates of heavy equipment. The Prime Patch Kit 3700 is available for small spall repairs and rebuilding spalled joint nosings in warehouse floors.

Prime Seal &
Fast Fix 10

Prime Resins offers epoxy and polyurea joint seal fillers as well as a unique spall repair compound. These materials are used to keep dirt and debris out of cracks and control joints and to protect edges from forklift traffic damage. The Fast Fix 10 resin kit is used to repair spalls and crack in concrete slabs.

Prime Gel

Anchoring Adhesive Gels are used to anchor bars, dowels, rods and bolts in concrete. Our most popular anchoring adhesive gel is Speed Bond #1, a smooth flowing, high strength resin that does not contain abrasive fillers that can damage pumping equipment. All three Anchoring Adhesive Gels have high bond strengths and good working times. Other Prime Gel products are used for surface sealing of cracks prior to injection and patching vertical and overhead cracks in concrete.

Prime Coat

Prime Resins floor coatings are designed for warehouse floors and industrial plants. Some coatings are resistant to common industrial chemicals making them suitable for use in secondary containment areas. The Water Based Primer Sealer is recommended as a primer before applying the epoxy coating or as a sealer to protect concrete.

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