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Mountain Grout polyurethane products have been used to stop water leaks both large and small. From 10,000 gallons per minute under the James River in Virginia to a damp spot in a foundation wall in Seattle.

Mountain Grout has also been used in thousands of below grade and topical applications from seawall restorations to missile silos to hazardous material containment. We have the product with the application to fit your needs.

For topical applications of a soil stabilizer where a path/walkway is desired click see


Mountain Grout has a wide range of epoxy systems including injection resins and pastes, bonding agents, high and low-mod binders and gels as well as anchoring epoxies.


MG Acrylate is a fast reacting, low viscosity, acrylic polymer used to seal water leaks in concrete structures and to stabilize soils.

Waterproofing (Mountain Seal)

Mountain Seal is produced from recycled tire rubber, Mountain Seal is a single component, highly elastomeric polymer rubber gel, infused with special adhesives and bentonite used in above and below grade construction.



Oakum Graco Punp

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